Monday, April 26, 2010

You want to quote me? Wow!

I came home after a rather stressful day and checked my various favourite pages on the net and found I'd been sent a lovely message on Facebook - you might have heard of a Facebook Page called What Women Know.  This page was set up to promote and describe a book that's currently being written by Michelle Jackson & Juliet Bresson.  It will be a book of empowerment and stories from real women that want to share their knowledge with other women and will be published by Hachette Irl and available September 2010.

On the Facebook page, they posed a question about plastic surgery and I responded - well, they seemed to love the response and have asked if they can feature it in the book! I thought that was really very cool indeed... it's nice to be noticed and it just proves that everyone's opinions counts. 

My comment read "I think the cosmetic surgery industry plays on our innate fears of our own physical and mental view of ourselves and manipulates them so that we think we're not good enough . . . it makes us judge ourselves against some supposed societal views of the norm that are damaging emotionally, physically and mentally. Whilst there is always the case for plastic surgery for those who actually require it (burns victims etc), I don't believe that this cynical marketing used by cosmetic surgery firms should have a place outside of medical requirements".

Best of luck to Michelle & Juliet and can't wait to see the book in print!

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  1. Wow that is pretty amazing! I've told you lots of times you are a gifted writer, reckon one day I'll be reading one of YOUR books! x


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