Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone!

Just a quickie to say Happy Easter to everyone! I bet you're all stuffing yourselves to the gills with chocolate today.. and why not, if there was ever a day for it, today's it! I've been off chocolate and all matter of naughty munchie type things for 12 days now .. currently now changing my addiction from chocolate to oranges! Yep, I am a freak.. so far it's not been difficult at all to be honest - I love most fruit and veg anyway (not the hugest fan of green vegetables in the main though) and I'm not a big meat eater usually (in that I do eat meat but I often only want a small portion of it). 

My problem is comfort eating so I'm trying to replace that with more healthy choices without going too mad about counting calories or doing stupid stuff like weighing myself everyday.  I didn't even weigh myself at the start of this - I'm just going by how my clothes feel (they were starting to get tight which I really hate).  I'm going on hols in August and wanted to drop a bit before I went (I've a lot to drop I'm afraid but something is better than nothing right?!).

Anyway, I digress (as usual)... just wanted to say Happy Easter to all my Soaperstar's .. hope you have the best day and enjoy that choccie .. think of me whilst I have another orange!!!

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  1. Happy Easter to you Honey and I love your pic of those 'lil rabbits
    Edith x


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