Thursday, November 26, 2009

Soaperstar appears in De-Stress Magazine!

Soaperstar has been featured in the Winter edition of De-Stress Magazine, produced by Catherine Connors-Bevalot, a holistic and stress therapist based in Paris.  In a true reflection of how important online networking can be, we met via Twitter and Catherine kindly offered me a spot in the Winter edition of her magazine.  At the time of asking, I hadn't even opened the online store and the thought of being featured was scary but very exciting at the same time! Check us out on Page 6!!!

The magazine contains fantastic information about how to de-stress for Christmas and how to avoid those stressy pitfalls we've all experienced over the Christmas period.  Check it out - great articles and tons of information suitable for everyone. 

Catherine's company is called Stress Solutions 4 Life and her website can be found here  Thank you Catherine!

All the soaps featured in the magazine are available to purchase via our online store - drop by and make your Christmas shopping experience a joy!!!

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