Monday, November 9, 2009

More Soaperstar Soaps!

I spent my Saturday creating! And made two new Soaperstar soaps - both are wonderfully fragranced and have added Apricot Kernel Oil and an additional skin hydrating factor.

Firstly we have Festive Orange Spice - a beautiful blend of goatsmilk and glycerine soap, swirled with lots of glittering mica, wonderfully luxurious with added Apricot Kernel Oil and an extra skin hydrating factor and fragranced with a strong, dark, deep and spicy blend of orange and cinnamon - this just totally smells of Christmas to me!!

I also made Passionate Purple - this is a blend of goatsmilk & glycerine soap, deeply coloured with natural glittering mica and wonderfully fragranced with a deep, sensual and exotic passionflower fragrance - wonderfully perfumed, this scent will linger gently on the skin after your bath or shower so no need for an extra perfume (saving you money!).

Both soaps are now available to buy online - check out the Soaperstar Online Store for details!!! These are newly added today and are only available for a short time only (we specialise in small batches limited edition soaps!). 

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