Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beer Soaps... Oh Yeah!

Well, it's all Amy's fault.

Yep, she started the whole challenge about soaping with booze.  Beer is big in Ireland, there's no doubt about it.  I couldn't find how many were actually sold in Ireland last year but I suspect it's lots... and lots, and lots and, probably, even more lots.

I don't beer, I never liked the taste of it at all.  But I found myself becoming very interested in beer in the last few weeks.  Again, it's all Amy's fault.  I made a beer soap and then realised how much fun it was ... from prepping the beer to actually making it.  Loved the bubbleage from the little tester soap balls I make from my trimmings, love the creaminess of the soap, just so much fun.  So I decided I'd do six beer soaps, a six pack.. geddit? I wanted to make them with only Irish beers (cos I'm in Ireland, seems fair) and I wanted them all to be a bit different.. from each other and from other beer soaps you can get out there.

So here's the first one, Lemon Nectar.  Oh I decided to call them all somethingsomethingsomething Nectar... it was the drink of the God's after all, seemed fitting.  So this is made with Beamish Irish Stout which is my hubs favourite pint and it's from Cork, which is where we want to live one day.

I decided that I'd add some extra goodies in all these soaps so all the Pure Beer soaps have colloidal oatmeal that helps to calm sensitive skin, silk that adds an extra level of luxury and either clay or Dead Sea Mud for their skin lovingness.

So Lemon Nectar is made with Beamish Irish Stout, colloidal oatmeal, tussah silk and kaolin clay with Sweet Almond & Golden Oil Oils and tons of creamy Cocoa Butter and is fragranced with my own blend of zesty citrusy May Chang and deep and earthily sexy Patchouli.  It smells incredible!!

Pics below... I'll show you the others in the next few blog posts.  This one is available for pre-order right now


  1. I also love beersoap. I´m waiting for the the rest of your six pack :)
    Just made soap from 2 different beers. The first one was a dark beer and the second was cherrybeer. Sadly the soap isn´t the nice cherryred color the beer is.

  2. I'm fascinated by your beer soaps! I still haven't made one. I guess that will next on the list. You're so amazing Celine! Keep up the good work!

  3. me encantan son maravillosos.... dan ganas de morderlos !!! felicidades

  4. I hate the taste of beer, but your beer soap sounds and looks awesome Celine.

  5. Celine...You must have thought about the name of your soap for a while. When I read your first few sentences about making soap from Irish Beer...I thought that was genius. But then when you were going to call it "nectar"...I thought oh no, that takes away from the hardiness of the BEER. Then your pictures rolled through and I realized that such a beautiful soap would be humbled with anything less of a name.
    Just gorgeous!!

  6. I am so excited about your beer soaps, Celine!! They are each unique and fantastic in their own way. You've filled them up with so many goodies too - amazing!!


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