Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hmmm.. Blogger issues?

Anyone else having any Blogger issues? It seems my latest post is the only one that shows on the page, you have to click "Older Posts" to get the rest of them.  Me no likee! Is this happening to me or everyone? And how do I fix it? HELP!

ETA: Ok I'm the stoopido! I just changed the size of one of the images on the blog and, bingo, it's all back!

It's a D'oh kinda day.  


  1. Celine,

    This happened to me several times in the past and I wasn't able to fix it either. I just had to ride out and wait for all to return to normal a few weeks later. On top of that I had posts showing up several days after posting. How are you? I'm in the crazed mode of Christmas shows and trying to finish my website.


  2. Hi Celine, I can see your posts as I usually do. I do want to mention that your blog has a different format/ view than other blogs for me. Like, it is too wide so if I want to see your whole width, I have to scroll accross at the bottom? And it takes a while to load anything... I always sort of imagined it was because you are working on a MAC? Could that be it? If you want to run tests with me, I believe we are the same time zone, or maybe 1 hour difference. Anyway, hope your blogger wo's are over. I had some blogger problem a while back and it went on for months until I simply clicked one little button and it all went away.... xoxo Jen

  3. Yeah, I'm glad you figured it out! You are one of my favorite blogs and I was up in the middle of the night looking for inspiration and you blog was I know what I will be doing tonight at 2am since it's fixed!


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