Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soaps on Tour - Two Part Blog Post - Part 1 Briny Bar Soap

Titch - Official Soapographer
On my recent holiday, I took two soaps with me "on tour".  One was a Chocolate Mint soap I won from Briny Bar Soaps recently and the other was Banquet, a soap cake slice from Platypus Dreams.  You might know that Dennise from Briny Bar took my Vanilla Anise soap on tour with her across the US and I shamelessly stole the idea from her! And Sharon, from Australia's Platypus Dreams, thought it was a great idea to take her soap slice to West Cork with me. 

My Honorary Daughter, Titch, turned official Soapographer for the holiday and a lot of the images are hers, but some are mine too.  I hope both Dennise and Sharon like the pictures!

Part 1 - Briny Bar Soaps on Tour in West Cork:

Dennise's soap travelled down with us and we took as many pictures as we could ... here they are

Briny Bar at Ahakista - fantastic spot which is actually in a memorial garden, pure calm
Briny Bar at Sheeps Head Pennisula - one of the furtherest points South West of Ireland
Briny Bar on the cottage windowsill looking out to our back garden
Briny Bar at Crookhaven (it was a stunning setting on a stunning day!)
Briny Bar at Crookhaven - against the Atlantic Ocean
Briny Bar looking out at the sea inlet at Crookhaven
Dennise - hope you liked the pictures; I can't wait to try out the soap itself now! Sharon - I'm uploading your images and will post them tomorrow.

Soap on the Road, I think this should be the start of a trend.  So who's going to do it next?!


  1. Can't wait to see piccies this is so exciting. My new YT channel is

  2. Wooooooo! Look how pretty everything is! Let me know what you think about the soap's performance. Can't wait.


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