Monday, October 4, 2010

Mintilla (aka Sweet Mint)

I promised you cut pics! And I deliver! But I decided a nicer name for this soap was Sweet Mint - my husband said Mintilla sounded a little too much like a Japanese Mint flavoured monster (Mintilla - Godzilla - get it?!).

So, for your soapy visual delectation, cut pictures of Sweet Mint:

Just straight out of the mould

Cut Picture No. 1 - cool white and minty green - perfect Mint & Vanilla colours

Cut Picture No. 2 - I love the swirls but the crumbly-bum annoyed me (yes, I'm very picky!)

I love this - so white and minty coloured - perfect colours for the fragrance blend


I love this fragrance and it'll be interesting to see how it lasts during cure.  The recipe was mostly hard butters/oils which is why it set up so quickly (nearly ended up with soap in a bowl!) and why I got the crumbly-bum on the end of the slices - no matter, I know how to remedy that. 

Hope you like the cut pictures - really loved making this soap and the fragrance is just beautiful!


  1. Beautiful! I want one! (and agree with the hubby on the name change...muuuuuuuuuch better :)

  2. Thanks! That's high praise coming from you, thank you so much. Would be happy to send you one if you'd like? Won't be ready til mid November (I'm having to learn patience with this - tough lesson for Ms "I Want Everything Yesterday" LOL

  3. You're right the colors could not be more perfect for a mint fragrance. Sweet Mint goes hand in hand with the soft mint green color. Just perfect :)

  4. Such a refreshing green! I think it goes especially well with your minty scent!

  5. Anne-Marie & Between Friends... thanks so much for the lovely comments, I am in LOVE with this colour (I have a thing for white soap at the moment and the pastel hues I've been making lately are so lovely).. and the fragrance, boy... my whole spare room is mint scented! So fresh.

  6. hey celine, i would LOVE to try one of these minty lovelies. mind you, 'tho ..I live overseas so shipping cost might be a factor here? If not, yes puh-leeeeeeeeease!

  7. Not a problem, can you email me your address? Once they're cured, I'll send one off - be great to get your feedback on them!

  8. Lovely, dear! I will soap up and -with your permission- review it on my blog. Silly me, I was under the impression that you are States side but you are far closer than that. Perfect!..this is begging for a soap swap.
    You can find my addy on my blog, among the tab About.


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