Saturday, December 12, 2009

Soaperstar Aqua Haven is featured on The Soap Bar blog!

Many many thanks to Jo at Product Body for her wonderfully generous mention of my Aqua Haven soap on her Soap Bar blog (which you can read here) - she's showing some great blue themed soaps from across the world in a post entitled "International Blues".  My soap is featured alongside some other fantastic soaps (both CP by the looks of them) and mine is the only glycerine based soap featured (which is excellent as glycerine soaps don't always get the mentions they deserve).  Thank you Jo, I really appreciate it! What a great mention, I'm really chuffed.  I read Jo's blog all the time and I just love her interest and enthusisiam for soap. 

Aqua Haven is currently out of stock at the moment (unfortunately) in the online store but I'm hoping it will be back by next week! So great timing too!

Check us out at the Soaperstar online store for details on all our soaps!

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