Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ocean Breeze Soap

Happy Sunday everyone! I was awake at 7.30 am and dreaming of soap all night, I had to get up and make some! I wanted to do a sea themed soap and so made Ocean Breeze. I'm afraid the photos don't show the colour up as well as they should - it's a mixture of five different colours, dark blue, mid blue, pastel blue, lime green and turquoise. I also used sprinklings of silver mica to give an idea of the sparkle on water when the sun shines on it. I added golden jojoba oil to enrich the moisturisation and it is beautifully scented with an ocean fragrance oil. All so reminiscent of the sea, the swell of the waves and that heady natural sea spray that casts a fine veil of mist over you.


  1. Ah to be beside the sea and the sea air!
    Soaps look great!

  2. Thank you hon!!! It smells just right too :)


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