Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soap Travels ...

Ages ago I joined in an international soap swap ... a box of soap, with three soaps inside, was sent across the globe and has been from America to Australia and Europe and a ton of places in between.  Originally the idea of Julia from Cocobong Soaps, this has taken quite some time to get to me.. in fact, I'd forgotten about it entirely!

The box arrived in my house in the middle of a very busy time at home so I, sadly, had to wait a little to be able to really give it attention - apologies to anyone who's been waiting on the box next and I hope you understand that, sometimes, life takes over from the soaping world.

Anyway, out of the three soaps, I picked my choice based on a) fragrance b) quirky looks and c) incredible ingredient list. The soap I choose is from Les Savons de Chauvirey based in France.  Sylvie Cecini is the soaper (waves Hi and Hello!) who started soaping in 2008 after visiting Canada to learn cold process soaping.

The soap has some fab ingredients including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Sunflower Oil and is fragranced with May Chang or Litsea Cubeba.. a fab ingredient list you'll agree.  Now, there's something odd on the label and it says "Pommes de Terre Cuties" which means Baked Potato and I don't know if there's actually baked potato in there! You can see what I mean by quirky! Also , at the side of the label it says "Patate Câline" which means Cuddly Potato!!!

Now keep in mind the potato theme... the soaps comes in a little hessian bag which made me think of a potato sack and when I opened the bag, there is a soap that is oddly shaped, light pink and not unlike a potato so I'm thinking the whole theme is a potato in it's own potato sack! I'm still wondering if there is real potato in there!!!

So we took some pics of the box and the other soaps, along with the Cuddly Potato soap too:

The contents of the box as it arrived

  The three soaps together

 One of the other soaps

 Another of the soap box contents

 The Cuddly Potato soap wrapping

 The Cuddly Potato soap wrapping and ingredient list ... you can see the Pommes de Terra Cuites which means Baked Potato 

And the Cuddly Potato Soap!! 

Very quirky, funny soap with a fab ingredients list and an incredible scent of May Chang... this did make us laugh and I don't mean badly, it was just a funny soap that tickled our sense of humour.

Thanks to everyone involved in the soap swap, apologies again for the delay in sending out the box again but life does have a way of taking over.  The box, with my own soap in replacement of the Cuddly Potato, is being posted out on Tuesday of this week (as Monday is a Public Holiday).  I hope whoever decides to keep my soap is happy with it.  

If you'd like to check out Sylvie's site her website can be found at


  1. Sylvie's soap is so cute, Celine! I saw a potato soap in a shop in Boise, Idaho - the soap looked like a potato and it came in a burlap sack, too. I can't remember the ingredients. I wonder if it had potato flakes in it or something, or if it just looked like a potato. (Potatoes are a big deal in Idaho!) The swap sounds like fun and I'm sure whoever chooses your soap will be very happy with it!

  2. Hi - I have never tried to make soaps, but am inspired to try after looking at your blog. :)

  3. Ah what a wonderful idea Julia had! I remember when The Soap Box reached my home! I was over the top excited! And that was last November! It's amazing to follow the package around the globe for so long. I wonder who will be the last recipient...

  4. Just a bit of time here fooling around. Love this potato soap! In the state of Idaho USA famous for the Idaho Potato there are chocolate covered marshmallow potato candy bars dusted with cocoa powder! Fun swap!


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