Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polar Pear ... Autumn/Winter Collection

Polar Pear - between it's swirls of polar white and the palest minty green, this soap is fragranced with our own blend of crisp juicy Anjour pears cooled by an icy drizzle of fresh minty Peppermint.

We've made the soap with our signature formulation of Sweet Almond & Golden Olive oils along with lashings of creamy Cocoa Butter plus we've added Yogurt, Buttermilk & Goatsmilk for extra skin conditioning and creamy creamy lather.  All three milks are a natural source of AHA's, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  White Kaolin clay helps to clarify and clean even the most sensitive of skin types.

The soap is completed with a glistening carpet of irridescent glitter.

Making Polar Pear Handmade Irish Pure Silk Soap:

Cutting Polar Pear Handmade Irish Pure Silk Soap: 

Here are the final cuts photos courtesy of Titch Holland:

This soap is available for pre-order on our website and will be fully cured by 8 October... hope you enjoy!!

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