Monday, October 17, 2011

I've been a little busy this weekend making videos!

I've been a little busy this weekend making videos .. I've not made one in a while and just felt like showing people how I made my soaps.  I got a great response from the making of Adam & Eve video that I did another two today, both cutting soaps ... Black Raspberry Vanilla and the Adam & Eve shown in the previous video. 

So, here you go, for your viewing pleasure, two new videos:

Cutting Black Raspberry Vanilla:

Cutting Adam & Eve: 

Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Those are beautiful soaps thank you for the videos!

  2. You can really tell you love making these soaps. Great job with the videos. Malcolm adds a nice touch to each.

  3. The raspberry vanilla looks good enough to eat and love the marbling, thank you for joining the Thursday Blog Hop.


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