Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sorta quiet here isn't it?

Just a quickie post to say that I'm sorry it's so quiet on the blog lately - the outside world is having a huge effect on my soapy world, leaving me exhausted and more than a little brain frazzled.  I'd love nothing more than to go and soap and make body butters all day, believe me... they don't answer back, or forget deadlines, or say "oh, didn't I tell you?".  One of my dearest wishes is that I could work on Soaperstar as my full-time job but the way the world's economies are going, that might not be today or tomorrow! Not to worry, I shall be posting fab pics of new soaps soon enough.  I just wanted to explain the silence - not intended but necessary I'm afraid. 


  1. I feel for you having to work, my business is full time, no boss to answer to or office politics. enjoy Wednesday blog hop

  2. we all need a bit of time out and after a rest you will come back bigger and better, in the soap sense I mean x

  3. Thanks girls! Cannot soap this weekend as we have visitors but I've a hankering for some chocoately soap the weekend after! And I hope to be able to work on my possible wholesale order then too. Thanks so much for your comments x


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