Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Reasons to check out our Soaperstar soap

I've been spending time thinking about all the good things about Soaperstar and our soaps and I thought I'd share these with you ... Soaperstar and our soaps are our passion and it's important to us that our customers understand how much we want to produce the very best quality soaps so that we can share this passion with you.  Here are 10 reasons why you should check out our Soaperstar Soap:

  1. All our soaps are wonderfully fragranced using only the finest quality fragrance oils sourced from EU suppliers 
  2. Our soaps are completely suitable for use by vegetarians - we do use goatsmilk in our products because we find the soap it produces is of such a high quality and is exceptionally kind to your skin   
  3. None of our products are tested on animals - we deplore such practices.  We do test on guinea pigs though... human ones of course!!!!  
  4. Our products are fully safety assessed by a qualified cosmetic chemist - you can be assured that they are entirely safe for you to use  
  5. We source all of our raw materials from the highest quality suppliers only - lots of time (and money) has been put into finding the best suppliers so that we can categorically say our products are of the highest quality 
  6. We are continuously testing and experimenting in order to bring you new types of soaps - we love to come up with new, creative ideas to present to you!  
  7. All our soaps are fully compliant with EU regulations regarding the correct labelling of cosmetic products - unlike some companies, we do not fudge our words in order to make you think you know what's in the soap, we just tell you what's in the soap!  
  8. We use only the finest quality soap safe colourants, and, in substantial quantities, natural mineral micas in order to colour and add a wonderful glisten to our soaps  
  9. We can categorically say that our soaps will help to clean, soften and hydrate your skin.  We add eithers butters or oils to all of our soaps and an additional skin hydrating Ecocert approved ingredient to ensure that your skin is as soft and silky as it deserves to be.  Since we opened for business last year, we have received only positive feedback and compliments from our customers  
  10. We are totally committed to providing the best customer service ever - we keep in touch with our customers via email and always confirm delivery.  
We love designing, making, producing, wrapping, labelling, photographing and selling our soaps - this business is our love, our passion and we wanted to share this passion with all of our customers!  I hope you enjoyed this and, if it's given you inspiration to check out our soaps, please do not hesitate to visit our website at

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